MaisTypes is an independent typefoundry from Galicia. We create functional typefaces based on a Atlantic design, custom fonts for corporate identities and typographic logotypes.

Marcos Dopico Castro 
Graphic and typographic designer 

Degree in Fine Arts and Design.
Ph.D. of Fine Arts from the University of Vigo (Spain).
Associate Professor in the University of Vigo (Spain).

He teaches courses in graphic design and design history in the Bachelor of Fine Arts. Also works as a teacher in masters and postgraduate courses in the areas of design and visual communication. Before teaching at the University of Vigo he worked as both a graphic and interactive designer in the professional field.

His research include the areas of influence of modernism in contemporary graphic and interactive design, motion design and visual storytelling.

He has published two books:

«Propuestas para un diseño normal»,
Ellago Publishers: Castellón (Spain), 2009.

«Arqueología tipográfica: La evolución de los caracteres de palo seco»,
Campgràfic Publishers: Valencia (Spain), 2011.